President Obama

This is the closest I ever got to Barack Obama. I was working for a local newspaper, shooting a campaign stop he made in March 2007 – nearly a year before the Iowa Caucuses – to my hometown in Davenport, Iowa at North High School. I was standing on the media platform and got there plenty early. But the gymnasium filled up – fast. A sea of faces holding Obama signs. Not much different now than it will be in Washington today, I imagine. Except the sea will be about a million times larger, and there won’t be campaign signs and but signs of dreams discovered and dreams yet to be fulfilled. It is amazing to see how far he’s come from that campaign stop – when even I did not think he was qualified enough to win. And yet, probably like many felt they just had to take a chance.   


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3 Responses to President Obama

  1. What an amazing experience for you! That is something you’ll have FOREVER. Thanks so much for posting it!

  2. Katie says:

    what an opportunity! great shots!

  3. marcia ward says:

    Shuva’s shots of our new President are special…as is Shuva! The second one in particular is very introspective! He looks relaxed…as if he is savoring the adoration! He is going to be a great President..emulating Abraham Lincoln who understood we are all one human family of man.
    marcia balmut ward, St. Paris, OHio

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