Urban Grunge Baby

I’ve realized – or maybe I intuitively knew this – that the first year of life is when change is most noticeable. I only saw Kalista a few weeks ago during her first birthday bash, hosted at Indigo yoga studio owned by her parents Shannon and Abby. At the time, Kalista was to the point she could stand on her own with support, and walk if you held her two adorable hands into yours.

But yesterday, I saw a different Kalista. She had grown, and was showcasing her independence and sashaying around in a white ballet skirt at the River Music Experience in downtown Davenport. Me and Abby could hardly keep up with her. But it was a fantastic session – especially with an adorable face like Kalista’s, who is also one of my Teddy Bear Birthday Club girls. Here’s a small sneak peek:

Kalista, Age 1

Kalista, Age 1


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One Response to Urban Grunge Baby

  1. Abby says:


    I love what I see so far ~ looking forward to the rest as they come. Of course I think my daughter is darling, but you always capture something special! Yay!


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