Aidan gave me a hug when I entered his home in Milan, and he gave me a hug when I left. Everything in between was…well..Aidan being a 2-year-old boy. He watched cartoons, ate crackers, and cuddled his favorite teddy bear under a blanket while I tried getting shots of him doing none of the above. But in the rare moments of wonder and innocence when his dazzling blue eyes looked into my lens, Aidan was a charmer. He is also one of many children receiving top-notch attention at the Children’s Therapy Center of the Quad Cities, which will display Aidan’s photo and those of a few other children I have photographed at upcoming fundraising events this spring.

Aidan, Age 2

Aidan, Age 2


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2 Responses to Aidan

  1. Aris Wells says:

    Shuva, these are great pictures, love how you capture in such fun mood. you PP on these pxs is great.
    good job

  2. Harlan Welge says:

    Looks like good quality pics!

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