Memories of My Grandfather

There came a time in his life where my grandfather received rock-star treatment when he landed at the airport. Crowds of people would come to see him. He would be welcomed with handshakes and garlands around his neck. You’d think he was a big-name politician or a famous actor. It is quite impressive to look at the few photos we have of this man who dedicated his life to…life insurance.

Yes, life insurance. Years after his death in 1974, the idea of a biography about him was tossed around – and rightfully so. My grandfather, Khuda Buksh, made life insurance popular in Bangladesh (before it became a country) in a time when insurance agents were looked down upon.

That is the very, very short version of the story. My dad wrote the book, and tracked down numerous relatives, as well as my grandfather’s former colleagues, associates, and friends. They contributed their memories of my grandfather (essays by a few grandkids he never met are also included) who, during his life was mentioned many times in the media and in other books. But never a book about him.

Until now. The Khuda Buksh Commemorative Volume was published in Bangladesh this last month. But the real book – the actual biography that took more research than most doctorate programs and is filled with evidence of his influence on life insurance in southeast Asia – is slated for publication later this year in Bangladesh.  And it is about time.


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7 Responses to Memories of My Grandfather

  1. Maria Hays says:

    what an honor! That is wonderful!

  2. tara says:

    thanks, shuva, for sharing this beautiful story with us. you must be very proud.

  3. What a great thing! And I love the airplane visual.

  4. Montague says:

    This is fascinating. The things we never know about our friends! I’m glad you shared this piece of your family history.

  5. Shuva! What an amazing piece of history to have as part of your family. You must be very proud.I think it is incredible when families have stories and pictures of their grandparents’ journeys. Their lives were so different than ours and in many ways so much more remarkable…

    Thank you for sharing!

    PS – I think you have his eyes. 😉

  6. Allyson says:

    What a neat story! Thanks for sharing Shuva!!

  7. bazlur rahim says:

    Thank you, Shuva. It was good idea to place the story in the internet. The comments are interesting and I am proud of you.

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