Charlotte’s Web of Love

Charlotte DID. NOT. HAVE. A. CLUE. That is until I walked into her home in Xenia, Ohio greeted by her daughter and grandson with sneaky grins.

Sharon: Mom, we didn’t know what to get for your 75th birthday, so we thought we’d have Shuva come and do a family photo shoot. We’ve never had a photo shoot done of all of us. We’re having it at the Green County Historical Museum – house.

Charlotte was excited, and Sharon and I began a day and a half at the Greene County Historical Museum – the museum part – setting up decorations and going over photos of Charlotte – as a little girl, a young woman, and a new bride who graduated high school the same day she began life with her high school sweetheart that lasted 49 years.

The big day arrived and family members from Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky started coming in – her kids, grandkids, sisters, sorority sisters, great-grandkids, longtime friends, neighbors and handfuls of people Charlotte used to babysit.

Sharon – with her mother – drove into the parking lot telling Charlotte they had to get the key to the museum house. What followed next was a mix of speechless joy, surprise, happiness, tears, laughter and lots and lots of hugs from some 70 + guests – including Wright State University faculty members Rick and Lynne Church who performed “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” for the 75-year-old birthday girl and granted her permission to cry over her celebration.

Charlotte: When I walked through that door, I did go over the rainbow.

A glimpse of the surprise

A glimpse of the surprise

Shock and awe

Shock and awe

Over the rainbow

Over the rainbow


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2 Responses to Charlotte’s Web of Love

  1. sarah says:

    SO sweet! I truly loved looking through these photos!

  2. I LOVE these! The piano is my favorite, but really they tell such a story its hard to pick. What a great idea for a gift and such a special one at that. Beautiful work!

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