Go Green; Stay Green ~ Top 10

When we think of Earth Day, what comes to mind are ways we can reduce, reuse and recycle – right? Well, for most of us it is a way of life, and that’s great! And for others – well, all of us really – we could do better. So with my new green logo, here’s some inspiration for you to follow with my

Top 10 Ways to “Go Green, Stay Green” in your personal and business lives:

  1. Use and reuse those super awesome cloth bags for grocery shopping – (I need to do a better job of this myself).
  2. E-file your taxes – saves SO much headache, paperwork and MATH…and if you’re like me you might get more from the IRS than the computer said you would:D
  3. Join Facebook – it’s a great way to stay in touch with long-distance family, friends, neighbors and your next-door neighbor without paying for a single cent in long-distance (and become a fan of Accent Photographics while you’re at it to see recent sessions;-)
  4. Expand your knowledge by joining Twitter (and follow me – aka “accentphoto“)…  You will be amazed at the wealth of information about charities, businesses, people, Good Morning America, NPR and goodness knows what else you get in “real-time” without having to pick up a newspaper or turning on a TV set.
  5. Go. For. A. Walk. As much time as I like spending in front of a computer, I need my “outside” time… so get out and walk, run, bike, rollerblade – but don’t get behind the wheel.
  6. Utilize the backs of used paper to print/write/draw stuff on –  grocery lists, art work by your kindergartner, love letters, etc.
  7. Use earth-friendly cleaning products, like Seventh Generation… (there’s others out but that’s what I’ve used for several years – no chemicals and hypoallergenic)
  8. Get business cards made of recycled materials – seriously, that’s what I’m doing this time around.
  9. Unplug electrical units in your office at the end of the day. Trust me, it will make you smile when you see your monthly bill.
  10. And last but not least… see more ways to help yourself and the world at Earth Day Network.

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Accent Photographics specializes in on-location baby, children and family photography, and special-event photography of weddings in eastern

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