Shannon & Jason ~ Engaged

How do you know when you meet THE ONE?

For Shannon it was simply a feeling: I knew Jason was the one when I woke up about a year and half ago and just looked at him…I knew we were supposed to spend the rest of our lives together.  Plus, I figured after almost 4 years together..we were meant to be a couple forever!

That’s the sweet, romantic part.

Then there’s the adventurous part: The Davenport couple recently went skydiving together, and have spent countless hours devouring the outdoors running, biking and hiking.

What I learned from their engagement shoot at VanderVeer Park this past weekend was how incredibly FUN they are together!

They were all smiles and laughter – NONSTOP. I LOVE couples like Shannon and Jason!! They make my job that much more fun for me, and I’m honored to shoot their wedding later this summer. Here’s a glimpse:

Lifestyle images by www.accentphotographics.comLifestyle images by www.accentphotographics.comLifestyle images by www.accentphotographics.comLifestyle images by

And check out the music video of their session here:

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3 Responses to Shannon & Jason ~ Engaged

  1. Allison Starling says:

    Shannon and Jason playin in the park…..I hope your life is full of play!!!! You guys look great! Right down to the matching color outfits!!!!

  2. tara k says:

    what wonderful shots of a really fun couple! great work, shuva. 🙂

  3. Shannon says:

    Thanks for the fun comments! Jason and I couldn’t be more happy with the photos! Even the Skipping ones–Shuva!!


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