Boston‘s diversity hit me in the face within 15 minutes outside the airport. History, culture and entertainment blend naturally. You hear at least five different languages walking a block or two. And it’s hard to not find a building without a marker honoring the past – be it in the last 30 years or 300 years.

Boston is very pedestrian friendly, and a friend told me before I left during my trip last week that you could walk across the city in 3 hours. I believe it. But during my weeklong visit I felt like I was walking longer – and stopping every couple blocks to take everything in. The architecture of apartment buildings, museums, churches, colleges and random other structures…

…the memorials to the Revolutionary War, science, fallen firefighters, literature, medicine and women’s history…

…and more memorials, many of which are along the Freedom Trail. The trail is a definite must-do on a first leisure trip to Boston. This historic path is marked by a red line for 2.5 to 3 miles (although it felt longer) passing by every site representing a major turning point toward our independence – from the Boston Common to Paul Revere’s Home to Bunker Hill. Along the way or a train ride (or two) away are numerous other places worth checking out, including the MIT Museum across the Charles River, Long Wharf, the JFK Library & Museum, and Georges Island – one of a handful of soaking-it-all-in-and-ponder-your-life stops in Boston Harbor.

And then there is historic Faneuil Hall, a place of shopping, eating and a magnet for street performers:

The photos here represent a fraction of everything I saw, and if I wrote more I’d be writing all week. But much thanks to Boston to preserving history and turning it into a great adventure!!

Lastly, one thing I couldn’t take photos of but is worth mentioning is Blue Man Group (part theatre, part rock concert, part comedy … AMAZING, SUPER ENTERTAINING, so much FUN!!!!) If you’re into a unique interactive theatre experience, go see them! They also play in Chicago if you want to check them out closer to home.


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2 Responses to Boston

  1. jen72175 says:

    You captured the town beautifully!

  2. Jen says:

    I have ALWAYS wanted to visit Boston! Love how you captured the city…now I REALLY want to go!

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