Wine, Elegant Eats and Fancy Hats

The competition was fierce on Saturday at the Quad Cities Polo Club Charity Event. The players were out in full force before a crowd who had their favorites.

At this polo event in Bettendorf, it wasn’t the horses making the men stand up taller but the contenders for the Ladies Fancy Hat Contest (which incidentally included two men). A small gathering of fabric, feathers and color stood before the VIP chalet.

Just moments before, the spectators were treated to a couple impressive drill demonstrations by It’s A Pleasure Horseback Riding and Youth Association in Geneseo.

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…and were eyeing the wine-tasting tent by The Grape Life – soon to be filled up in minutes.

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But when it came to hats you didn’t have to look far to know there were going to be some serious contenders this year.

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Before the competition the center crowd spared no time in filling themselves thanks to catering by the Crow Valley Golf Club in the VIP chalet.

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And then came time for the Ladies Fancy Hat Contest as the competitors introduced themselves and told why they wore the hat they did. It was apparent there were two camps in the running – those who bought their hats vs. those who made their hats. The judges were impressed by the high caliber of fanciness and did the unthinkable – they chose 4 finalists instead of 3. The crowd was on their feet, eager to see what the judges – from the reputable Children’s Therapy Center of the Quad Cities – would choose as the fanciest.

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They selected creativity over store purchases in this year’s competition, and the 2009 Ladies Fancy Hat Contest Champion was awarded with a lavish wine basket.

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The crowd cheered and started eating and drinking and celebrating like it was 2010 (OK, not really, but it was still a fun event to shoot – and blog about:-).

If you would like to view more photos from the polo event, they are on the Website. To access them, go to:



– Password: polo

If you would like to purchase any prints, please contact me at, and I will send you ordering information. A portion of the proceeds from photos – 15% – will go back to the Children’s Therapy Center of the Quad Cities, which organized this event for all of us to enjoy!

The online gallery will be up until Aug. 20.


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2 Responses to Wine, Elegant Eats and Fancy Hats

  1. What a FUN event! I bet you had a blast! Great shots!

  2. Jayne says:

    Great pics, looks like a blast! Love the red hat!

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