Conquering Battles

Wednesday was not the best day for me. My car died, and I had to get a new starter. I was (still am) trying to figure out logistics for an upcoming workshop after the location changed. And I’ve been working through the night much of this week.

But none of that matters to you. I shamefully only realized that after I found this page (click here) last night about the March of Dimes Signature Chefs Auction in which a couple of my photos are featured.

Exciting, yes. But this year the event – which I photographed last year and expect to this year – has an added personal meaning for me. Aside from the joyous moments at weddings I’ve shot this summer, it’s hard not to put past the two months I only lived vicariously through happening at University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.

When I saw my friends in late April they were as excited as any soon-to-be parents. What followed was an email about being sent to Iowa City, and then daily – daily – daily messages about their newborn daughter. They were filled with fragile battles about lungs, machines, medicines and other medical jargon explained with simplicity. There were battles won, lost and won again, lost again, etc… Another battle would emerge as doctors, family and friends were tackling everything – and beyond – in their arsenal of medical, emotional and spiritual knowledge and know-how. It was easy for me to hide. But deep down inside I was going through the emotional roller coaster they were expressing so eloquently.

After 54 days it ended. At the visitation in early July I felt the rock in my throat as I neared my friends in the receiving line. What to say? The father and I hugged and he sobbed in my arms, the tiny coffin nearby.

Her passing is a reminder that the March of Dimes – whose funds for research have led to eradicating polio, developing newborn heart treatments and breathing therapy – is far from over. And more importantly – regardless of all the everyday issues we may have – we all have a stake in making sure there are fewer battles to conquer.

March of Dimes Signature Chefs Auction


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