Laboring for Support (pun intended)

My good friend Abby has openly and eloquently shared her experiences about the birth of her first child on her blog, Let’s Talk About Birth, Baby! She doesn’t hold back details and talks about the nitty gritty. Now six months pregnant, Abby and her husband Shannon are expecting their third child this December. She hopes the birth happens as naturally as it did with her first two – without drugs, without medical intervention and (gasp!) with a midwife to assist.

I have to admit I cringe when I think of it – the pain, that is. But it is easy to think just that when you’ve never been there… and yet I admire people, like Abby, who went through with something most of society doesn’t understand or considers downright taboo.

Let_s Talk About Birth, Baby!

Enter Friends of Iowa Midwives. They are a grassroots organization working to promote out-of-hospital births, provide education about childbirth options, and license midwives in Iowa. I found them on Facebook a few months ago.

Tomorrow, the organization is hosting a Labor Day Picnic in West Des Moines‘ Raccoon River Park from 4 to 8 p.m. The event includes live music, a Brazilian martial arts demo and a silent auction, in which I’m donating a family session.

Friends of Iowa Midwives

In the meantime, check out Abby’s blog. It’s a great read that’s inspiring, entertaining and beautifully uncensored!


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