A Fine Affair DJ

A few weeks ago during Christina and Brenton’s wedding ceremony I saw a petite young woman sitting on the grass. She arrived in street clothes and hooked up the audio equipment. The next thing I knew she had done a Superman-speedlike of a wardrobe change into a simple black dress. It didn’t occur to me until I saw her later that she the reception DJ!

Images by Shuva Rahim

Heather Olson – who shared some info about her business – previously did event planning for many years, and her husband Tim was a sound and music guy. They married in 2005.

When we got married…we had a really hard time finding music for our wedding. Everyone we called was telling us all about how they would knock our guests’ socks off, but we were envisioning a low-key afternoon cocktail party for 50 people, and didn’t really want our socks knocked off!

So last year Tim and Heather started A Fine Affair DJ. Since then the Cedar Rapids couple has taken their DJ’ing talents by storm all over Eastern Iowa, with a gig planned in Tampa, Florida later this fall.

We started the company with the goal of doing for other brides & grooms exactly what we wanted when we got married.  The business grew so rapidly we both left our full- time jobs within a few months and we haven’t looked back since!  We have 5 other DJs working for us now as well, and this wedding season we did 3 or 4 weddings each weekend.  We anticipate that growing to 6 or 7 next year, based on the rate at which we’re currently we’re booking.

Heather said they are always on the lookout for fresh, creative ideas when attending DJ conferences (I never knew there were such things!) and reading wedding books and magazines. This summer A Fine Affair DJ was also named the KCRG A-List winner for Best Wedding Music in Eastern Iowa.

To get a small glimpse of what the Olsons can do, here’s a few reception photos from Christina and Brenton’s wedding, as well as a screen capture of A Fine Affair‘s website, featuring the couple’s first dance.

Images by Shuva Rahim

Congrats to Heather and Tim on their continued success!

Weddings - A Fine Affair DJ - Exceptional DJs for Extraordinary Events

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