Child Wonderment

Once upon a time we were all children, and fascinated by the most simplest of things – a stick, a rock, a leaf. Emilye reminded me of that during our session earlier this week.

Her mother and I met met up at John Deere’s main campus in Moline, where Emilye – who turns 2 in December – walked around eager to uncover the curious nature that surrounded her.

Lifestyle Images by Shuva Rahim

She would pick up a stick or a rock and inspect it like it was a mystery to be solved or a jewel she wanted to share.

Lifestyle Images by Shuva Rahim

And for a moment in time Emilye owned the world – the trees, the sky, the water – and blended with nature’s colors.

Lifestyle Images by Shuva Rahim


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2 Responses to Child Wonderment

  1. Shannon and Jason says:

    These photos gave me chills! Every time I look at photos that you take I am just amazed on what a great job you do.

    The little girl is absolutely adorable!

  2. Mallory says:

    How curious and how sweet they are at this age. Great job capturing it, Shuva! 🙂

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