Carley & Rob ~ Quad Cities Engagement Session

After months of emails and leaving messages for each other, Carley and I finally connected at her engagement session a few weeks ago with her fiance Rob. We were so happy to finally meet each other Carley greeted me with an energetic, beautiful smile and a big hug. I was in love with them already.

The couple lives in Florida and came to the QC shortly before Thanksgiving for a visit that included their engagement session. The two booked me earlier this year for their spring 2010 wedding. I was excited to spend a good chunk of time with them on a chilly Saturday morning on both sides of the river. We started in downtown Moline, and I’m glad they were up for pretty much anything.

As we moved onward to John Deere Pavilion, I learned some geographic contrasts: Carley had spent most of her life in the area, where Rob lived in more states than I could keep track of.

How they met was fate.

Carley moved to Florida and was working part-time in a store Rob’s family manages. On Rob’s birthday his family took him out to dinner near the store. As Carley says: They knew I was working that night so they had Rob bring me dessert from the restaurant so we could meet. A couple of weeks later, he called me and asked me out…and we’ve been together ever since!

Their first date was not your typical dinner-and-a-movie night. Instead Carley and Rob’s first date was what they consider the “never-ending first date.” It started at an Atlanta Braves pre-season game at Disney’s Wide World of Sports. After a couple of innings, Rob caught on fast that Carley was NOT a sports person. So they walked around the complex for a few hours walking, talking and laughing. After that, they headed to Epcot and walked “Around the World” (at the World Showcase) before ending up at a restaurant down the street from the store where they met.

They love going to Disney, trying new restaurants and walking around their neighborhood. I knew they’d be up for anything when we left Moline, headed to the Iowa side for some shots by the river and I asked Rob to do something funky. (Sorry Rob, I just had to show off your Karate Kid move :D)

Finally we drove to a quintessential Quad Cities hangout. They ordered some ice cream from Whitey’s while we just sat, talked and enjoyed the moment. It was a great end to a wonderful morning with this adorable, fun couple – and I can’t wait for their beautiful wedding next year.


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