Baby Sophia ~ Rock Island Newborn Photography

My friend Abby decided to write a blog in which she candidly talked about her pregnancy and her decision to have a natural birth – for the third time. Just before Christmas she gave birth to Sophia Jewel. I finally got to see them a couple days ago and was excited to take some photos of Baby ‘Fee-yah’ – as her older sister Kalista calls her.

My newborn shoots have generally lasted about 1.5 to 2 hours. And this was the same. Except Sophia worked her hardest to stay awake – and she succeeded. Between feedings, pooping, yawning and a bit of crying she was determined to not zonk out. So I didn’t get any cute sleeping baby photos. But these instead:

OK, everyone look at this set and yawn.

The girls: Baby Sophia with big sister Kalista and mom

And yes, I did get to hold her in all her adorable babyness.


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2 Responses to Baby Sophia ~ Rock Island Newborn Photography

  1. The pics flow with a sense of peacefulness. Thank you for sharing them. Linda

  2. What a gorgeous baby and how well these photos show her beauty. Thank you for sharing!

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