Happy Birthday, Kalista!

Hard to believe it’s been roughly two years since I first met Kalista. She was at Indigo, the yoga studio in Moline her parents Shannon and Abby own. I stopped in and was enchanted…yes, ENCHANTED by this baby’s beaming smile. That first year, this beautiful face greeted me with a big grin. During her first birthday party, she was decked in pink dress with beads she kept touching and turning. It was my mom’s first image of Kalista and she still talks about it. Weeks later, I did a photo shoot, and by then she was walking.

Recently, during her baby sister’s newborn session Kalista was running and eyeing me with a cautious curiosity. She would sneak a peek at me and then run into her room when I caught her looking. She hadn’t seen me in a while, but it was the cutest thing.

The family celebrated earlier this week. But since today is her OFFICIAL day, I thought some birthday love on the blog was well deserved, so Happy 2nd Birthday, Kalista! Have a wonderful day!


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  1. Outstanding entry. I thank you for posting it. Keep up the great blogging.

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