eat pray love

I started reading eat pray love and realized there are some parallels with my own life, although not to the same extent and not for same reasons as the author, Elizabeth Gilbert – who lived in Italy, India and Indonesia after a bitter divorce and post-divorce depression. This book is her experience of self-discovery, spiritual healing and inner peace.

Part of me wonders, ‘How often we do things because it’s what society and/or loved ones expect of us’? And how many times do we give ourselves permission to do something for ourselves?

This excerpt from eat pray love is perhaps one of my favorites, and embodies why it’s important to take care of yourself first:


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2 Responses to eat pray love

  1. This has been on my book list for quite some time now, and I think your post just bumped it to the top – thanks so much, Shuva! Loved the post!

  2. Jen says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about that quote. Haven’t read the book…yet. I think I might. 🙂

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