Lemonade: The Movie

I’ve always loved reading Seth Godin, but I’m now officially head over heals in love with the guy after I saw his blog post just now in which he has a direct link to a movie called Lemonade. If you’re reading this post now you have 35 minutes to spare to watch this film (by clicking on the screen capture below), which spoke volumes to me and took me back less than 2 years ago when I fired myself without notice as an editor at a publishing company – midweek, mid-project – to pursue photography full time.

Life has never looked better.


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3 Responses to Lemonade: The Movie

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  2. Harry Watch says:

    Excellent post, couldn’t agree more

  3. Sean says:

    You know I’ve read Seth’s blog about this, since then I have wanted to watch it but it is only available within the US and since I live in UK, I don’t have access to hulu.com.

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