Misty, The Candle Girl ~ Davenport Modern Professional

Right now my car is smells like pumpkin roll, and I LOVE it. I promise there’s no food in the car (unless I’m traveling). But the “car candle”  hanging from my rearview mirror is one of a handful I recently got from Misty Mills. She’s an independent director for Scentsy, which is one of the hottest multi-level marketing companies out there today. Scentsy’s big thing is wickless candles – great for people who have asthma. Their flavors are a potpourri of random smell names: African Mahogany, Taj Mahal and Holiday Chai to name a few.

Misty loves what she does – and it showed when she wore her company color with her usual down-to-earth, fun personality during a photo shoot earlier this week at River Music Experience in Davenport. Here’s a few of my favorites from our time together:


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One Response to Misty, The Candle Girl ~ Davenport Modern Professional

  1. Misty Mills says:

    THESE ARE AWESOME!!! I am so excited!! I can’t wait to start using these & sharing them with others! When others see how well you made me look through your magic camera … you’ll have a bunch of Scentsy ladies running your way!

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