Guided Realizations ~ Quad Cities Modern Professional

When I first met Christine Nitz of VisionCrest Consulting I didn’t think I needed her. I knew what was right for my business and I wasn’t convinced talking to a business coach would help. But what I didn’t know was I was letting “everything else” get in the way. “Everything else” was that annoying voice of doubt, the former boss saying I wasn’t cut out to be a photographer, and the constant chatter of interruptions in my personal life. Nothing was clicking, so I finally asked Christine to meet with me.

What I took away from my coaching experiences with Christine was to focus on what made me happy and everything else will come into place. It sounds simple enough. But I don’t think I could have come to that sound conclusion without her asking questions about my life, family and goals. The result is an ongoing process, but one which has made me more happier, focused and content in recent months.

It’s true I could have come to this point without Christine’s guidance, but I know it would have taken much longer. She gets it, and knows how get to the heart of the issue without fanfare. And I wouldn’t expect less from a top-notch coach who has worked with everyone from entrepreneurs to large-company managers who want to be successful and reach their goals.


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One Response to Guided Realizations ~ Quad Cities Modern Professional

  1. Kim says:

    Well, doesn’t Christine look beautiful. You really captured her “essence”.

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