Birthing with Confidence ~ Iowa City Modern Professional

Ask any woman who has given birth and many will say it was one of the hardest and happiest moments of life. But birthing with the assistance of a doula can take a lot of the confusion and unnecessary drama out of labor. That has been the experience of Jun-Nicole Matsushita, who is the calming presence behind Bamboo Birth Services in Iowa City. As the mother of two young boys, she had a doula during her second son’s birth, and has been the person many women depend on for informational, emotional and physical support in Iowa City hospitals since 2007.

Not to be confused with a midwife, a certified labor doula provides non-medical support before, during and after births. For Jun-Nicole – who works with women to achieve no-to-low intervention hospital births – that means keeping the laboring mother-to-be grounded, calm and focused, and not passing judgment on whether the birth is a natural delivery, one with drugs or a C-section. The important thing for her is that couples know their options, ask questions and make decisions that are right for them with their doctor or midwife.

“It is amazing to work with a family to help them prepare for their birth and then see them … make informed decisions to achieve the type of birth they desired,” Jun-Nicole told me. “When a woman is resting with her baby in her arms and says to me, ‘I felt empowered,’ my job was well done.”


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