And Now for Some Personal Stuff…Sorta

So I’ve been blogging like crazy this month in part because I have stuff to write and in part because subconsciously it’s a form of … self-inflicted therapy.

But then yesterday my good friend Laura pointed out to me that my blog lately lacks PERSONAL details…

Um, well, I was planning it … eventually… really, I was. So to fulfill everyone’s curiosity about me, here’s a short list of some non-photography things. (I’ll admit I cheated because some of this stuff I posted on Facebook last year, but whatever…)

  1. I started writing this list talking about my sea turtle life, but realized in doing so I’d be writing an epic of a blog post. So I’ll spare you.
  2. Earlier this month, I ordered the screenplay to Little Miss Sunshine. Why? Because I want to use that as a template to write a script about my sea turtle life. I just haven’t figured out if it should be an action-adventure or a comedic drama.    
  3. In my former career I was a newspaper reporter in Iowa, Kansas and Ohio for six years.
  4. I have called and gotten through the White House Situation Room and had my own “Deep Throat” during a hospital merger story.
  5. Scott and I met on eHarmony. Chances are slim we would have met in any other way.
  6. The last movie I saw was Alice in Wonderland – loved it in 3D!!
  7. NPR is almost always on in my car.
  8. Last Sunday my friend and I walked more than a mile to Whitey’s, ate ice cream and walked more than a mile back to her home.
  9. I saw much of the West Coast shoreline via a solo Amtrak trip – the scenery was gorgeous.
  10. My last day in Suriname I got hit in the head by a truck. Aside from the gushing blood, I was fine.

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