Customer Service 101

Most of us have really bad stories about customer service, and very few of us have really great stories. Honestly it’s not an area I gave serious thought to before I started my business, probably because I was always on the client end of things. But my friend Deanna Jensen – who has spent years in the hospitality industry – decided to launch her own business called Customer Service FUNdamentals, geared to training companies how to enhance their clients’ experiences. And this Wednesday I had a chance to listen to her speak to a roomful of business people in downtown Davenport about just that. It was a fun, informative presentation full of positive energy and great exchange of ideas.

On a related note, there’s been a series of short videos floating around the Internet of speakers from WPPI, which is a ginormous photography convention held annually in Las Vegas. One of the speakers did an excellent presentation about the high standard Japan places on customer service. The screen capture below is one of the slides from the presentation. But you can click below or here to view the video.

Inspiration by Riz Crescini


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2 Responses to Customer Service 101

  1. Desiree says:

    frikkin sweet. the first photo is awesome I love it

  2. Kathi Cook says:

    Great post Shuva. Thanks for keeping us informed, and treating us to your beautiful images as well 🙂

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