800 Facebook Friends: Who Are These People?!

When I signed up for Facebook in 2008, like many of you I had no idea I would connect with so many people from my past. And quite frankly, I don’t know all 800 people who have friended me. I find it quite funny, ridiculous, crazy, addictive and strange all at the same time, considering I generally am a private person (sort of).

So who are all these people? This is the list I came up with: my… family members, college friends, professors, high school friends, high school classmates, junior high friends, junior high classmates, elementary school classmates, newspaper friends, editors, a lot of photographers I’ve never met, many photographers who I have met, business friends, clients, my former next door neighbor, high school teachers, Peace Corps volunteers, boyfriend, people active in nonprofit work, friends of clients, people I’ve meet through boyfriend, friends I met while in Peace Corps, Peace Corps staff, Peace Corps volunteers who served in Suriname who I’ve never met, yoga teachers, pilates instructor, pilates students, photography teachers, yogis, friends from Ohio, classmates from Maine, and…a few random people who I probably should not have friended because I have no clue who they are even if we do have a friend or two (or three) in common.

When I hit the 750+ mark, I got this on Facebook from my friend Linda, who lives in Australia and falls in the category of “friends I met while in Peace Corps”:

Definitely the awesome photo she took of me with the giant sea turtle, shown on this blog to your right and also on my Facebook profile. The amazing power of a photo, right Linda;-)

That’s all for now.



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