Camryn, Age 2 ~ Bettendorf Children’s Photography

When I photographed Camryn last year she had mastered the incredible task of walking. Now a year later, at age 2, this Bettendorf girl is a spirited, happy child who is exploring life with books, singing, toys, dolls, and a nice piece of real estate in the backyard. After a bit of moving around, she took a seat in a child-size armchair and let herself bask in her 2-ness.

She also got a kick out of a Little Mermaid card that sang when you opened it up. I think it made her day hearing the lovely song, ’cause watching her react to it was the highlight of my day!

Parents Tricia and Scott helped me while photographing Camryn, and we had a chance to get some fun family photos in their bedroom.

Their dog, Toro, warmed up to me quite unexpectedly, and so we decided to have all four of them in a few shots. I think Camryn approved.

Finally, she showed me her little house on the back patio of the family’s home. I’m a bit envious as it is cleaner than my office, and the tea set is way cooler than what I have.

But not to complain. Hanging out with Camryn for a morning was a fun day to start off my week!

Good times!


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2 Responses to Camryn, Age 2 ~ Bettendorf Children’s Photography

  1. Melissa Dunstan says:

    What an adorable little girl, and what great images! Camryn will love these when she’s older. I would give anything to have a good photo of me and my mom when I was little!

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