Pilates with Carey Sadler ~ Coralville Modern Professional

If you practice yoga, then you’ll like pilates. If you don’t practice yoga, you’ll still like pilates. As instructor Carey Sadler first explained it to me when I met her last year, pilates is a form of exercise for people who don’t like to exercise. And it’s true. Except once you’re done, you’re sweating even though you didn’t feel like you moved around a whole lot.

Which is why pilates – an exercise that focuses on strengthening abdominal muscles – is so good for you.

Carey is the instructor at a small studio in Coralville called Rivercity Pilates. After teaching pilates in the Philadelphia area for many years, Carey and her family moved to the Iowa City area where started her own fully-equipped studio. She now teaches private and small-group classes using a variety of equipment  – the biggest of which is called the Cadillac (upper right).

When I first started taking pilates classes from Carey, one of the first things I noticed was how great she was about talking you through every exercise – reminding you to breathe and giving you great descriptors to visualize how your body should move.

“I love seeing people progress,” Carey told me before our shoot. Her clients include people recovering from major surgeries, women who are pregnant, people who have had physical therapy, as well as anyone who wants to do pilates just to feel better. “It’s great to see people excited about their pilates and sharing it with others.”

To sign up, check the class schedule and let Carey know in advance – and maybe you’ll see me there as well!


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