Umm… Can I Have Some Money?

Note: No illegal activity was conducted in regards to the below conversation between me and the boyfriend.

Me:    Umm…Can I have some money?

Scott (sympathetic and worried):    OK

Me (with defiance):    Well, I need it for the Children’s Therapy Center telethon. I’m trying to raise $500. I’m at $455 right now.

Scott:    Hmm. (silence) Wow…

Me (more defiantly, and somewhat exhausted):    Yeah, (sigh) I’ve been busy.

Scott:    I’ll say. (brain slowly processing, eyeing me suspicion) What have you been up to?…


Update: I’ve since received more than $550 in advance pledges, thanks to generous friends, family members, clients, colleagues and acquaintances (and Scott).

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The Children’s Therapy Center’s annual telethon will be held on Sunday, April 18 on WQAD-Channel 8. Last year, the telethon raised more than $178,000. I’m honored to be part of the event this year, and will be asking for your pledges on air, for about an hour that Sunday morning.

If you don’t want to wait until April 18 and want to pledge an amount, please email me at, via my Facebook page, or give me a call at 563.528.2035, or 319.512.9344.

If you’ve not heard of the Children’s Therapy Center and aren’t sure if you want to make a pledge, I encourage you to do some research by going to the website of this organization, which I’ve been involved with for the past two years without reservation. Also, check out the screen capture for some more information.

Thanks, and have a great day!


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