Doing as Oprah Says

So I took a little break from Hemingway (257 pages of a break to be exact), and picked up Living Oprah from the library yesterday. I finished it today and knew I was going to blog about it before I even got halfway done.

It’s about a woman’s experiment in doing every single thing Oprah says, whether it’s on her show, in her magazine or on her website – for one year. Wow! Talk about dedication. I was hooked — and the book is a fascinating, super fun, down-to-earth analysis about everything the talk show host says, does and promotes and how it all affects the author’s life (regardless of whether she likes it).

As the author states, Oprah is a powerful force in our culture with everything from makeup to movies to books to the presidential election. I like Oprah, but I’m not an Opraholic. I don’t intentionally sit down to watch her show – simply because I don’t have time and have a short attention span with most TV. But she’s an amazing humanitarian whose given tons and tons to Africa, Katrina and Angel Network charities. Yet her book club selections are ones I never read (I don’t think) because they were her picks. (But my recent books have included Oprah picks eat pray love and Eckhart Tolle‘s books).

With photography, I know I could not follow exactly what someone else does to a tee. I imagine – as this author did (post-experiment) – I would enjoy some of it and let go of the rest of it – and be original.


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