Constructive Creations ~ Quad City Commercial Photography

The last time I hung out with Peter McDermott, he was in the process of moving his office and living area to downtown Moline. Since then, he’s completed his move and I was thrilled to meet up with him for the third time in more than a year to have some photos taken of his work. Peter has been in the construction business for more than 30 years. As the head of Peter McDermott Construction Co., his work can be seen on residential and commercial projects throughout the Quad Cities. During our recent meeting, Peter showed off some of his residential favorites, which included homes in Moline and Bettendorf. One such project in Moline was this enclosed patio: He has also done his share of kitchen projects, which include the same home in Moline…  …and another kitchen in the same town: Then we ventured across the river, where he showed me a completed basement he was charged with creating in Bettendorf.  

To see more of Peter’s work check out his website, or to discuss a project you might be interested in, give him a ring at 309.797.4847.


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One Response to Constructive Creations ~ Quad City Commercial Photography

  1. Jen says:

    Ummmm these pics make me want a remodel. Bad. 🙂

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