Telethon Humor

Asking for money – especially for a charity – can be a bit crazy. I lucked out with my first experience volunteering on the phone bank for the Children’s Therapy Center‘s annual telethon today on WQAD Channel 8. Thanks to a handful of very generous people, I was able to collect more than $550 in pledges before the event. On the air in an hour’s time span the total was enough to garner just more than $600 in pledges – the largest of which was from a Davenport man and the farthest being from a friend in upstate New York (thank you, Brian!!).

I guess it’s not bad considering the telethon was on a beautiful day when most people would rather be outdoors, when there were spurts of time when the phones weren’t working (oops!), when several us left messages to the same people (sorry…but not really;-), and when I left multiple messages to one person who had already pledged (Oh, I had no idea! Thanks…You sure you don’t want to pledge again?)

Before going on the air – these photos were taken shortly before we went live – my phone colleagues and I were ready to do anything to get the attention of the TV audience from a “Call Me” sign (Misty) to heart glasses (Deanna) to the wave (Misty again). After being on the phone and talking to callers over the thunderous applause during check presentations, it was all done. Total raised as of this writing at 3:30 p.m. with 1.5 hours left to go: $90,718.

The number to call: 1-309-517-2345. Thanks again to all who called in and pledged today and in the previous weeks!


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