Your Official Voting Guide on Making Me “The Best” (whatever that means)

A couple months ago KCRG-TV9 included me on their A-List for Best Photographer. The Cedar Rapids affiliate station has an A-List in tons of categories and most every one has a long list of businesses listed.

The wedding photography category is no exception.

In the weeks that followed, I launched an “email campaign,” meaning I emailed everyone I knew on the planet and asked… err, begged… for their vote. I apparently don’t know enough people or not everyone has voted, because out of tons of photographers in the area (as of this writing) I’m now… No. 5! Yay!

OMG!!!! I’m extremely grateful to those of who took time to vote, because – as I’ve since learned – the process isn’t as simple as clicking a button.

So I’ve included a step-by-step guide on how to vote (for those of you who have not yet voted) for me on the site. It’s a bit cumbersome so follow along:

Step 1: Click on this link:

Step 2: Click “CAST VOTE”. Once you click on that, this screen will come up requiring you to register your vote. Annoying, I know but KCRG cares… about preventing election fraud.

Step 3: You’ll receive a confirmation email asking you to confirm your account. Once you click on the confirmation link in your email, you’ll get the OK to start voting!

Step 4: Now here’s where it gets a bit nutty. You have to actually find me. You’ll see this screen.

Step 4a: Go to the lower right box of Contest Categories

Step 4b: See where it says Weddings? Click on that arrow and you’ll see a drop-down menu with Photographer on the list.

Step 4c: Finally, once you click on Photographer it’ll give you a list. Right now, ignore the list (unless I drop below No. 5) and click on “See current standings.”

…and then click on Accent Photographics and cast your vote!

I have no idea how many votes is equivalent to 5 percent, but I’m guessing it’s at least more than 100 based on the number I think have voted so far. Once you cast your vote, you’ll have a chance to write a recommendation if you wish. I’ve been grateful and humbled by the comments received:

Thanks everyone for voting! Contest ends May 14.


About accentphoto
Accent Photographics specializes in on-location baby, children and family photography, and special-event photography of weddings in eastern

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