Heather & Tim Get Dirty at Coralville Lake’s Devonian Fossil Gorge

The Iowa City-Cedar Rapids wedding industry know Tim and Heather Olson as the brains behind A Fine Affair DJ, a full-time DJ business that has gained the attention, respect and popularity of area brides. I first met Heather less than a year ago when she was the DJ for one of my couples.

She and Tim married in 2006, and at one point this year casually asked me about doing a Trash-the-Dress session. The Trash shoot in my book is not so much about getting the wedding dress dirty, as it is about getting bridal photos in an unconventional location.

However, Heather had been thinking about doing a Trash-the-Dress shoot for some time. In her words: I thought this was an especially great idea for us because we HATE our wedding photos (they’re boring, unflattering, and just awful) so this seemed like a good way to get a re-do. But this “re-do” was going to be a nutty, crazy, off-the-wall alternative – and include the couple’s 3 dogs.

At the last minute, we decided to change the location from a dog park to the Devonian Fossil Gorge at Coralville Lake. Heather wore her actual wedding dress (a simple, elegant dress she found in a vintage store), and Tim was decked out in a suit. It was a blazing hot million degrees out. We weren’t going to complain given we’d already rescheduled several times due to rain, and um… oh, Heather is also pregnant – with triplets – and didn’t care to do a maternity shoot.

So what follows are a few of my favorites.

Heather initially started walking in heels before taking them off. She walked barefoot into this grassy area, which was harder with the sticks and rocks hidden in the uneven terrain.

During Memorial Day weekend alone, the couple and their part-time DJs worked seven weddings. Sheeesh! Heather and Tim, I hope you look at these and forget for a moment how crazy busy your lives are (and will become).

After putting the dogs in the couple’s air-conditioned vehicle, I did some shots of them on a side wall of the Coralville Dam. Heather was… well, living in the moment!

I couldn’t resist going with a vintage feel to some of their photos. It just seemed like the right thing to do. Well into these photos, Heather’s wedding dress was headed directly into trash-hood. It was wet, dirty and one strap had torn off (before Tim later tied it to the other strap).

Therefore, why not go all out? As we walked back to the parking lot we relished in the coldness of a small fountain. Of course as Tim and Heather parked their feet in the cool water, a cop car was in the vicinity. Ugh… and luckily drove off.

What a blast we had, even in the immense heat! I’m so glad we had a chance to get together and shoot this session, and I can’t wait to hear more about their lives in the months ahead!

If you want to follow Heather and Tim’s odyssey as expecting parents of multiples, you can do so on their website, The Olson Triplets.



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