Introducing Micah ~ Iowa City After-Birth Experience

Several weeks ago I had a rare opportunity to photograph a birth – only to blow it because I was trying to figure my way through the maze that is the U of I Hospitals and Clinics – right when the baby came out. I walked into the delivery room and heard the cries of a newborn. Annamaria looked at me, still in a great deal of pain after a natural delivery, and said, Shuva, I’m so sorry.

What transpired instead were a series of photos documenting the moments following Micah’s birth. Annamaria had her husband JD close by the entire time. A hospital chaplin, JD was a great support for his wife.

JD was also beyond belief the entire time. Shortly after Micah came into the world, the couple’s 2-year-old son, Jadon, got his first glimpse of his little brother.

Annamaria finally got a break after Micah was taken away to be weighed.

He weighed in at nearly 7 pounds.

JD shared a few moments to himself with his new son. In awe and amazement.

Absolute bliss…. Happy (belated) Father’s Day, JD!

Thank you, Annamaria and JD for having me be a part of this most special time! Congrats to you both and Jadon! Can’t wait to see you guys again 🙂




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3 Responses to Introducing Micah ~ Iowa City After-Birth Experience

  1. You beautifully captured the emotions and awe surrounding baby Micah. So glad you were there!

  2. Carey Sadler says:

    Great pictures Shuva!!

  3. Jan Voss says:

    Beautiful story in pictures….love it!

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