Danielle & Scott ~ A Love Story From Afghanistan

On this Independence Day, I thought it was fitting to post this sneak peek of Danielle and Scott, whom I had the privilege of shooting recently at Lindsay Park in Davenport. They are also the winners of the Quad-City River Bandits wedding (part of the team’s Circle of Life giveaways) to take place on Aug. 20. As the winners, they are receiving free wedding services from a variety of vendors in town. To win, they had to submit an essay about themselves, which easily won the hearts of the judges. So here is an excerpt of their story in Danielle’s words:

My fiance and I met…purely by chance, and if one planet hadn’t lined up with the other just so, we never would have crossed paths. We were born on completely different sides of the world, myself in Korea and he in the United States. …I was adopted and grew up in New York and he grew up in Bettendorf. And…we met in Herat, Afghanistan!

I was…toward the end of my deployment when we first met.  …I had decided before I met the new guys that I just… didn’t want to get to know them. Then, I met Scott… He was basically my own personal bodyguard. I had to go on missions to different villages and schools and he was my force pro that always kept me safe. We originally didn’t see eye to eye … but eventually we synced into a great team. I always knew I could count on him to keep me safe no matter where we were or how dangerous the area was. I was never scared because I knew he’d be there to protect me. We grew closer and closer over time and became inseparable. We were  complete opposites, but taught each other so much because of that. In a  place where you feel so alone, being away from your whole family and friends, it’s amazing to find someone you trust and can talk to about everything that understands completely what you are going through. I loved him, though I didn’t fully realize it yet.

September 12, 2004.  It started off as a normal peaceful day until I got a phone call from the US people in our part of the country that were there supporting the United Nations. There was a political uprising in our little city and huge riots of thousands had started against all people of the United States…  All of [a] sudden gunfire filled the town, bombs were going off, we were thrown into real “war” in the blink of a moment. Scott was on guard on a roof above me and I was downstairs coordinating a convoy to rescue the 50 or so Americans living in our area.  I saw Scott run past me saying “I’ll be right back,” knowing full well where he was going. …I knew there was no way he was going to let his “brothers” go out without him. He ended up driving one of the Humvees.  I didn’t realize how bad it would get until I started hearing the radio traffic…seeing the vehicles coming back with the rescued personnel.  I was high up on a roof pulling security when I saw the vehicles roll in. They were barely drivable.  All of the glass was completely broken out, they were unrecognizable they were so dented in from huge boulders thrown at them, and then all the soldiers started piling out of the Humvees.  They were all injured, limping, bloody.  … There were my “brothers” and they were all hurt and needed help.  Then I saw one soldier fall out of the Humvee and was loaded onto a stretcher and immediately taken away in a helicopter.  I was too high up to see who it was, but I already knew…

… the day the riots happened, Scott was driving… hit in the ribs with a lead pipe and got his ribs broken, was pulled out of the humvee and beaten up so badly he had head, rib, back, teeth, and facial injuries, and was hit with rocks and boulders, and was injured so bad he was supposed to be flown to the hospital in Germany.  He left without the medical people knowing and came back to the base with some troops, climbed up 3 flights of stairs with his broken ribs (took him about an hour)… I knew in that moment I loved him with everything I had.

The day finally came when I had to go home and he stayed for several more months.  We stayed in contact, but didn’t know if anything could come of it because he lived in Iowa, I had my life in New York. Days turned into years.  We kept in touch, but hadn’t seen each other in 3 years. One day we just started asking “what if?”.  I decided to come visit him in Iowa and was scared out of my mind.  Have we changed? Would we feel the same?  I hadn’t even ever seen him in civilian clothes before!  But I knew how my heart felt and took the chance.  The minute I saw him it was like nothing had changed.  I knew there was no way I wanted to let him go.

Less than 2 months later I moved my entire life to the Quad Cities.  I have now lived here for almost 3 years and he proposed last Easter.  Every day I love him just a little more, though I don’t even know how that’s possible.  I have no doubt he was the one made just for me.  Neither of us are perfect, but we are perfect together.  We are a great team, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him!

Happy 4th of July.

Shuva 🙂


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One Response to Danielle & Scott ~ A Love Story From Afghanistan

  1. Danielle says:

    awwww luv luv luv it!!! Thanks so much for such a great picture taking experience!!!!! I can’t wait to see all of them now!

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