Lily & James ~ Iowa City Engagement Experience

It’s time for something a bit more cheery on this blog… and I’ve been eager to post this session for a some time now… So, ENJOY:-)

When I first met Lily and James last year I remember thinking that I’m going to really love this couple. Maybe it’s because the three of us are close in age, or because they are the type of people I felt like I had known (or some variation of them) for years. In the meantime, starting this past spring I began challenging myself in how I conduct my shoots so they were more interactive. Lily and James were the first ones to trust me in putting this process into practice on a comprehensive level, shooting at Coralville‘s North Ridge Park and then downtown Iowa City.

They wanted Lily’s teenage son, Alex, to be included in the early part of the session. So we started with some family photos first.

After that it was just the two of them, with all their focus on each other. I’ll pause here, because I want to talk about how their relationship evolved.

James and Lily met online and had a first “official” date (dinner and a movie) after which he was left not really knowing where their communication would go. My guess is the choice of movie, Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist, had something to do with it. In James’ words: The high amount of on-screen teenage angst made my palms sweat and left me feeling too awkward to hold her hand.

However, Lily said she always felt the previous date always made her look forward to their next time together. And so their courtship began and reached a turning point a few months into their relationship while they were vacationing with friends in Washington Island, Wisconsin. As Lily tells it: I spent some time sitting on the shore and listening to the waves roll in while vacillating between watching the campfire and meditating. In the stillness of that space and the pure joy I felt from our extended time together, I knew James was the one for me.

Turns out that James was thinking the same thing during that getaway and asked her to marry him. No, wait…. STOP. According to Lily, the question was amended to *if* I asked you to marry me, would you say yes?

The official proposal happened on their one-year anniversary, during which they went out of town for dinner in Washington, Iowa. James’ plan was to pop the question at the fountain in the downtown square which was supposed to be lit up in the evening. After they came out of the restaurant, the square was dark and the fountain dry. It had closed for the season. (What?!)… but luckily he found the perfect moment to do so later in the evening.

I’ll leave it at that. I feel beyond fortunate to be part of their big day this fall. Congrats to you both, a million times over.



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