TGIF: Free Coffee, the Beach, and the Holidays

Not that Fridays matter when you have your own business, but I can’t complain. It’s been a good week.

For starters, I worked hard getting a presentation together for a couple groups of business professionals yesterday. The presentation went well, but not without the incredible help of my friend Stephanie, a superb copywriter who scrutinized every single word of my materials and speech with a keen eye and ear. Stephanie and I got together for about 10 hours over the course of two days, after which we questioned how much time the President puts into the State of the Union address if I spent that much time + many hours of talking out loud to myself in the car between the QC and Iowa City rehearsing what I’d say.

I’m currently at a coffee shop in Coralville drowning myself in a white chocolate mocha (I don’t drink coffee. But who cares when I finally made enough purchases here to get my FREE beverage, right?), munching on a chocolate chip cookie, and excited about a beach session scheduled for next week! Yes, a beach session – in Iowa!! (Pray that the weather gods will be on my side).

In the meantime, the lucky people who got to see my presentation were the first to get the scoop on my Holiday Card Special, which I’m doing again for the second year. If you want in on the details, shoot me an email at

Thanks, and have a great weekend!



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