The Cautious Curiosity of Ainsley

CORALVILLE, Ia. – Babies are happy, usually. And sometimes they cry. But then there’s Ainsley. She’s 7 months, and decided for the first part of our session that she didn’t want to pass judgement on me.

Yep, this is her way of saying: I have no opinion of you.

But gradually, in her own way,  she started testing the waters. What would she do that would spark a reaction from me? Hmm… I’ll try yoga.

Ainsley is the proud daughter of Ryan and Nicole. She has definite high opinions of them.

Then quite unexpectedly, she started to show off her true happy self on her parents’ bed. Ryan and Nicole helped 🙂

I can’t help but look at this last set of photos during our time together and think what a Gerber Girl she is. In an matter of a few seconds Ainsley is all smiles and yet wants to know more about her world. I can’t blame her. There’s so much out there to explore at 7 months.

The End.



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3 Responses to The Cautious Curiosity of Ainsley

  1. Wow. I can definitely feel her intensity in these photos. Beautiful.

  2. Ann Steward says:

    Agreed- adorable!! I love her name, too!

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