*Wedding Wednesday* :: Donation Favors & Registries

My parents recently attended the reception of Naurin and Joe. I wasn’t able to go, but my mom returned home with a favor I thought was quite nice – a card stating the couple donated to a charity in their guests’ honor. I’ve seen this at a few of my weddings so far. In lieu of a material item, the couples make a donation to a charity they care about.

Paula and Matt, who married last year, had charity favor cards stating contributions to the American Heart Association were made in honor of their late fathers.

Naurin and Joe, who are both medical doctors, selected a major research hospital to give back to:

Some couples are also choosing charity registries instead of or in addition to the traditional gift registry. According to this site, many couples today are already homeowners. They have all the kitchen gadgets they could need (if not more) and don’t want to add clutter to an already full home. The I Do Foundation is one site that enables couples to set up an online registry where their guests can give to a cause of the couple’s choosing.

As a footnote, couples who book their wedding with me also now have an opportunity to donate 1 percent of their photography investment to at least one of four organizations. You can learn more about these select groups here on the blog.

*Wedding Wednesday* is a weekly post of creative ideas and inspiration. If you are a professional in the wedding industry and would like to contribute an entry please contact me for information.

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  1. Susan Berman says:

    After reading your blog it makes me realize that sometimes we don’t really appreciate how blessed we really are.

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