Think Big. What Would You Attempt if Knew You Would Succeed?

IOWA CITY, Ia. – It’s a question Jen Lansink of “What Would You Attempt?” has been asking for a long time and challenging many others to ask. And why not? It’s an important one I don’t think we always…allow ourselves to ask… because we’re too afraid – of people who tell us it won’t work, question if it’s practical/logical, of not having enough money and resources to make it happen … and so we don’t even attempt.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend a Discovery Workshop for Women that Jen held in Iowa City. It was a series of writing exercises, thinking, breathing, meditation, analysis, clarity, discussion, wonder, curiosity, color and… some interesting ideas that came to mind.

Jen is an International Inspirator, and “What Would You Attempt?” is an inspirational organization focused on living positive lives in positive times and finding the greatness in the world and within ourselves (Check out the Facebook page). If that sounds a bit “out there”, consider her work is helping people dare to think they can change, attempt, whatever… no different (in concept) than what Oprah or any of the other popular inspirational gurus out there do – and no less important.

I’ve been to a number of photography and/or business-related workshops and conferences, and it’s clear to me what I take away immediately after. But I think individuals have different experiences with Jen’s workshops. Even if you think you’re already inspired and have everything in life going for you, there’s always something more to learn – some clarity, perspective, ideas… Sometimes the “ah-ha” moment comes right there and then. Sometimes it’s a day or two later, and sometimes it hits you like a brick wall when opening your closet and seeing how much red you actually have in your wardrobe. (Yes, Jen — that is me!)

There is a wonderful level of confidence – without question – with everything Jen projects about herself. And she wants you to do the same. What do you want to attempt? What are you going to do? Run a marathon? Cure cancer? Start a nonprofit? Write an Oscar-winning screenplay? Own a house in France? Whatever it is, say it out loud. Put it in writing. That’s a very basic starting point.

… and then, without apologies, start attempting…




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