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Before I start, I should note that Scott and I are NOT engaged, and the dates below are completely made up. I merely did this as an experiment to see what I like with our names (and my sister’s). So DON’T start congratulating me (or him for that matter)! And if any family members are reading this, keep on dreaming…

Ok, now that I got that off my brain, let’s talk designs. There’s a site called The Wedding Chicks that offers free downloads of various templates for cards, stickers, signs, etc.

They have a good number of designs to choose from, which is really neat.

Pick a design and it will allow you to customize the colors and text. And so I did…  and thus realized that to find something you like can take quite a bit of trial and error, because you cannot preview the design as you are creating it. Instead, it will customize the design based on the color combinations and text you provide, then send you a file in your email to download.

For example, for this first design I didn’t like the green, nor how the names looked with the text. But I liked the airplane.

Design No. 2: I really LOVE this design, LOVE the text. The color combination was done so randomly, I didn’t give it much thought … err, any thought , really. But I kinda like it.

And last but not least… (I only picked 3 for the purposes of this post)… Pretty design, really like the text of the names, but not the date.

Anyway, this is something to play around with if you’re looking for a cool theme or design. Enjoy, and happy creating!

*Wedding Wednesday* is a weekly post of creative ideas and inspiration. If you are a professional in the wedding industry and would like to contribute an entry please contact me for information.

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One Response to *Wedding Wednesday* :: Free Custom Designs

  1. Sara Rahim says:

    Wow, I’m totally in love with the weddingchicks.com website. I’m going to send you every single free template they offer with “Joel & Sara – June 11, 2011” on it. 🙂

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