The QC River Bandits Wedding of Danielle & Scotty

DAVENPORT, Ia. – On a cool rainy Friday evening on the baseball field in the banquet center of Modern Woodmen Park, Danielle and Scotty said ‘I do’ and continued their evening in a fun, beautiful reception. Theirs is a love of much sacrifice, luck, and good friendship. They met several years ago while serving in Afghanistan, maintained a long-distance friendship after their service overseas (Scotty in Iowa; Danielle in New York) – before taking a leap of faith to be with each other once again as a couple living in the Quad Cities.

So let’s backup. Danielle and Scotty won a free wedding – part of the QC River Bandits’ Circle of Life promo in which they got a fantastic wedding worth…a ton of money (see Wedding Notes at the end to see who was involved).

As part of the prize they were supposed to get married on the ball field, shortly before the opening pitch of Friday night’s game. Danielle, all dressed and ready to go, wondered out loud several times what the weather would have in store. Has it started raining yet? Is it raining outside? Is it raining yet? Mother Nature could very well have been a member of the bridal party.

The River Bandits staff made the final call minutes before the ceremony. The game – eventually canceled – would be on delay and the wedding would take place inside. For Danielle, there was a bit of sadness and yet also relief. River Bandits Special Events Manager Andrea Nolan briefed the girls about the reception layout upstairs, explaining how the ceremony would proceed amidst the tables, while Bandits staffer Sarah Huston met with the guys.

Finally, the ceremony – performed in the close quarters of round tables, chairs and their guests – was happening.

And then it was over, and time for the FUN to begin! First the cake:

After dinner, my assistant Linda and I managed to sneak them away for a few minutes to an empty suite for photos.

In the meantime, their guests enjoyed some massive delicious sweetness with a candy bar decked with a chocolate fountain. If I wasn’t shooting, I think I would’ve been a permanent fixture here.

They looked so in love during their First Dance. (Thanks to DJ Kirk Marske for the awesome heart lighting).

In their program, Danielle and Scott recognized three honorary groomsmen who were not able to come to the wedding because they were recently deployed overseas. One of them sent in a surprise video message for the couple. They had a chance to see for the first time in the Bandits production room with youngest daughter Callie. No doubt a bittersweet moment for them.

So many  people stopped to congratulate them. They stepped outside and received well wishes from onlookers from a few suites down.

There was much more partying afterward…a wonderful perfect wedding.

Cheers for a long, happy married life together!



Wedding Notes: This list includes many key details and wedding pros involved in the River Bandits wedding.

Ceremony, Reception & Program: Modern Woodmen Park, Davenport
Photographer: Accent Photographics (me!) assisted by Linda Maxwell
DJ: Markse Music Productions
First Dance Song: Sea Breeze by Tyrone Wells
Cake: Sweet Perfections
Bouquets: Milan Flower Shop & Greenhouse
Dresses & Tuxes: Hope’s Bridal
Centerpieces & Chair Covers: Clazzy Designs

About accentphoto
Accent Photographics specializes in on-location baby, children and family photography, and special-event photography of weddings in eastern

3 Responses to The QC River Bandits Wedding of Danielle & Scotty

  1. Danielle says:

    AHHHHH LOVE THE PICTURES!!!! Thank you so much Shuva! You were so great and fun to work with!!! Can’t wait to see the rest :o) We can’t thank you enough.

  2. Sarah says:

    What a wonderful blog! I am so happy that I was able to be part of this amazing wedding! Danielle and Scott were the best couple to work with!


  3. This is Scotty’s grand aunt???? Danetta Cox Cordova, Rose Mary’s sister is my mom Sharon Rowe ( then Sharon Cox and then Green). Glenna told me of this wedding and I day dreamed of going and seeing all the family I NEVER get to see. Sigh. It means a lot to me to get to see these pics from so far away (Merced, CA). It is VERY lucky to have it rain on your wedding day! My good friend’s fiancé was so sick will a killer flu on their wedding day they had to roll him out in a wheel chair with an IV! I am not kidding! They have been married a LONG time now in Pullman, WA.

    Being married is great, and sweet and hard work sometimes. Everyone smiles to see a bride and groom beaming like you guys… fill yourselves up with the close times when ever you can, and hold onto those good memories, they help you get through the inevitable rough patches. Best of Luck and Good Wishes to you both! let me now if you get this message ever okay?

    There is an old saying that rain on your wedding day is a lucky omen. The Italians even have a saying for it, “Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata”, which means that a wet bride is a lucky bride. In the U.S., it is commonly repeated that rain is lucky, although most brides would prefer a dry day and a little less luck!
    Rain is also considered to be a good wedding omen in Germany, Sweden, and France. This is possibly because rain is associated with a bountiful harvest, and thus, fertility. Some believe that the rainier the wedding day, the more children the marriage will produce. (So if you get married during a downpour, I guess that you can expects to have triplets!)

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