*Wedding Wednesday* :: Guest Post: Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

This week for the next few *Wedding Wednesday* posts, I am proud to feature Christina Smith, the owner of Classic Events Coordination & Design based in Cedar Rapids. I got a firsthand look at Christina’s work when I had the privilege of shooting her wedding last year. With her interior design background, she has planned weddings and other events in Eastern Iowa since 2005. Christina’s work is AMAZING, and I’m excited she is sharing her expertise on this first of three guest posts.

Signage from Christina's wedding

Why hire a wedding planner?

There are literally hundreds of decisions that go into planning a typical wedding rehearsal dinner, marriage ceremony and reception celebration. Decision making begins the moment you say “Yes” and continues until the moment you say “I do”.  It can be overwhelming with all the choices available in the wedding industry today and all the questions you may have, including:

How many people do we want in our wedding party?

  • Do we include just family?
  • Should we incorporate close friends? If so, do we have to have their significant others involved?

What style of wedding do we want?

  • Formal or informal?
  • Large or small?
  • Who is paying for it – do they have a say?

What style of ceremony do we want?

  • Are we the same religion or does one of us need to convert?
  • Who will be our Officiant?
  • Are there specific traditions we want to uphold?
  • Do we want an outdoor ceremony or must it be in a church?
  • What about nondenominational?

Christina and Brenton's ceremony site

How do we pick our vendors?

  • Do we ask for recommendations? If so, from whom?
  • How much should our caterer, DJ, or venue cost?
  • How do we establish a wedding budget?

What do we want to do for food?

  • Appetizers
  • Buffet style dinner or lunch
  • A five-course served meal
  • Will we offer options for our vegan or vegetarian guests?

Do we want a traditional cake?

  • Will we go with an independent baker?
  • Will we have a real/faux cake or cupcakes?
  • What flavors do we want?
  • What factors cause the price to go up?
  • Who will cut it?

What is the timeline for the day?

  • When does the entertainment staff need to set up?
  • When will all the décor from the ceremony be cleaned up?
  • Who will give the first toast?
  • When do we decide to tap another keg?
  • Where do all the gifts and décor go at the end of the evening?

Not only can a Wedding Coordinator answer these questions for you, but they know the quickest and most efficient route to begin sculpting your unique wedding style and coordinating every detail to fit your budget. Are you a detailed planner who wants to craft your own wedding from the centerpieces up? Or are you currently overwhelmed by your monster to-do-list? Either way, the resources, guidance, expertise and dedication of a seasoned professional can help you bring your vibrant vision to life.

*Wedding Wednesday* is a weekly post of creative information, ideas and inspiration. If you are a professional in the wedding industry and would like to contribute an entry please contact me for information.

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