Meeting Jasmine Star and JD…

CHICAGO, Ill. – It’s not everyday you get to meet a pop culture icon in the photography world. But I did. My assistant Linda and I made the road trip to Chicago for a day of the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) mini-conference yesterday.

All the speakers were incredible, encouraging, enthusiastic and fun to listen to – Bob and Dawn Davis (photographer/designer of celebrities based in the Chicago ‘burbs), Salvatore Cincotta (St. Louis-based photog), and Mike and Cody of TriCoast (Texas-based shooters whose workshop I did last year in San Francisco). And then there was Jasmine Star – a destination wedding photographer out of Orange County, California.

Star (which is actually her middle name) has been the social networking queen in the photography world since 2007, as well as an inspiration for my consistent blogging over the last couple years. Her coming to Chicago was a huge deal, and seeing her in real life was a bit surreal. But it was exactly as I had imagined. The room was packed. And Jasmine spoke with excitement and passion. Her husband JD – also her second shooter and business partner – was there on the sidelines taking photos and smiling with great pride.

Nevertheless Star has shared so much of herself and work with the industry, I couldn’t help but wonder: “Is there anything else left I could possibly learn from her?

Photos by Linda Maxwell

I ended up taking a few notes. But the one thing that stuck with me was her becoming a different photographer since starting..but she was still the same person. I LOVED hearing that.

Afterward as we stood in a long line waiting to say “hello” to Jasmine, JD came up to Linda and I and started chatting. He is sooo nice… and a very cheery guy. When we each got photos of him together he later mentioned how nice that was since people don’t always ask to get photos with him. But he deserves to and I’m glad we did, since JD is such an integral part of Jasmine’s success. Finally, I had a chance to shake hands and introduce myself to her. I told Jasmine how she’d inspired me to blog, and mentioned that I would be teaching a Blogging for Business class on Monday through my local community college. Thrilled she was!!

I couldn’t have asked for a better ending to an incredible day!

Have a fabulous Friday!

Shuva 🙂


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