*Wedding Wednesday* :: Guest Post: Prioritize Expenses

Christina Smith of Classic Events Coordination and Design (CECD) based in Cedar Rapids has been a *Wedding Wednesday* guest blogger for the past couple weeks. And while I thought this would the final of three posts, I loved reading this entry so much that I wanted for her to stick around for another week. So this is part 3 of 4, and it’s a good one (as will next week’s be as well)! I had the pleasure of shooting Christina’s wedding last year, and got a firsthand view of how awesome her work as an event planner really is! Here’s more from expert.

Christina and Brenton's wedding

Expenses can often bring you back to earth in a hurry when you’re planning the wedding of your dreams.

One of the main questions when dissecting a wedding budget is ‘Who is contributing?’

It is amazing how many people begin planning, booking vendors, and establishing expenses when they do not have this question answered!  When this question is left unanswered, a lot of unexpected costs start popping up. Without a budget and a schedule of who, what, when, and where your money is going, it is easy to spend what you do not have. Make this your first priority or work with someone to help establish a budget for you.

  • What percentage of your budget do you spend on your:
    • Venue?
    • Photographer?
    • Apparel?
    • Décor?
    • Entertainment?

Knowing average percentages per vendor is really valuable and gives you an honest way to dissect and really see if you are getting a good deal, paying too much, or even tip you off to the “quality” of the work your prospective vendors are offering.

Christina and Brenton's wedding

Who are the quality vendors that best fit your style and budget?

Ask for references, talk to other local brides, and do your research. Call several vendors that might provide the service you are looking for and compare them to see what you can and can’t live without. Vendors will generally show you samples of their products and point you to other good references. If they aren’t it may be a red flag that this is not something you are looking for. A bride would probably end up really happy that she talked to a previous client with a bad review than having a vendor that didn’t uphold their end of the contract on her Big Day.

But ultimately, homework ends up paying off in the end.

*Wedding Wednesday* is a weekly post of creative information, ideas and inspiration. If you are a professional in the wedding industry and would like to contribute an entry please contact me for information.

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