Cosmetic Changes

I get into these moments of comparison. And I know I shouldn’t and I know it’s bad for my soul. But sometimes I can’t help it. I find other blogs (usually other photographers) and start going obsessing to the point I forget everything else – like editing – and start making changes and previewing those changes and questioning ‘Is this really me?‘ Finally, after a lot of trial and error and obsessing – because if I didn’t do it then I’d regret it – I finally came to really liking what I came up with.

A new blog design.

It’s simple and clean.

… with a new set of headings:

  • VISIT WEBSITE (A direct link to Accent Photographics)
  • WEDDING TIPS (All the *Wedding Wednesday* entries)
  • MAGAZINE PHOTOS -THE IOWAN (My assignments from The Iowan magazine, which there will be more of next year)
  • GUEST POSTS – MCP ACTIONS BLOG (A photo-education site which is a great tool for new shooters as well as people who have been in the industry for awhile)
  • EARLY WORK (A direct link into my first personal photo Website)
  • HOW I STARTED (which talks about how I got into this crazy, fun, creative and inspiring line of wonderfulness!)

Is it perfect? No. But it’s perfect enough for now. Perfect enough not to spend an arm and a leg on a custom blog design (which I do think about from time to time ’cause I’m a blog-aholic). And I can’t complain… because this blog – which has gone through it’s share of growth and changes with me – has been good to me for more than 2.5 years. And I’m not about to replace it anytime soon (or at least as of this writing;-).




About accentphoto
Accent Photographics specializes in on-location baby, children and family photography, and special-event photography of weddings in eastern

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