Kilts and Kinship at Nate & Nancy’s Pinicon Ridge Wedding

CENTRAL CITY, Ia. – All I knew about this wedding for a long time was that the guys would be wearing kilts. And indeed they did.

But before I go into that, first some background: Nate and Nancy are both performers with Rage Theatrics, an Iowa City-based theatre company specializing in stage combat and comedy and run by my boyfriend Scott. The troupe members have embraced me since Scott and I started seeing each other nearly 3 years ago. And so, I can proudly say most everyone involved in this wedding – not just the bride and groom – are people I consider friends 🙂

Nate and Nancy met through Rage. Or as Nate describes it: We were brought together by violence. They dated for 5 years, before Nate surprised Nancy with a proposal after she had a rough day at work.

Their wedding this past Saturday at Pinicon Ridge Park outside Central City was a celebration of the couple’s love as much as it was a gathering for the troupe and their friends. When I first met with Nate and Nancy about their wedding – specifically about weather for an outdoor ceremony, he told me that it simply wasn’t going to rain. He sounded as confident as the local weatherman.

I arrived at the park, and Nate greeted me with a hug saying: I’m in denial. (sigh). It was Ok, I thought. We would get through this. Not every wedding miraculously has a sunny day. But spirits were high, especially among the groomsmen who were eager to pose in their traditional Scottish attire – a representation of Nate’s heritage.

The guys were ready to go, and Nate helped his son with his kilt.

Nancy was in a nearby cabin getting ready, as her mom saw her in her dress for the first time.

The couple then decided on a First Look in the deck of the girls’ cabin.

Nate was smitten.

… and then checked out the pretty hair pieces in Nancy’s hair.

The two then drove across the park to the lodge, where there would have to be some adjustments made to an event very much planned for the outdoors.

The formals took place on the deck outside the lodge, and then tables were quickly moved to accommodate the ceremony. Nate’s son got a special pendant, and the groom broke down while Nancy read her vows.

Both sides recognized their parents before the guests – which I thought was nice considering Nancy’s family traveled from New Jersey for the occasion.

After the receiving line, we did a bridal party photo on the corner of the deck…. while there was no sign of the rain stopping.

On a positive note, the rain meant dinner would be served earlier, and so the newlyweds were toasted by the bridal party and both dads 🙂

…. which made them very cheery with excitement and laughter 🙂

Nate and Nancy’s First Dance…

… before the real dancing began and before we headed back home in the rain.

This wedding was mine and Scott’s first as a couple – even though I was shooting. But it was also the first time we’d spent together in a long time – as crazy as it sounds. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo, taken by our friend Emily.

I posted this later than I wanted, but tomorrow’s blog will be a double posting. So much going on!! It’s wonderful, exciting and I hope you come back for more!

Shuva 🙂


Wedding Notes:

Ceremony & Reception: Pinicon Ridge Park, Central City with Chris Cary officiating
Photographer: Accent Photographics (me!)
First Dance Song: “Love You ‘Till the End” by Poghes
Catering & Cake: Bread Garden Market, Iowa City
Wedding & Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
Invitations & Programs: Zephyr Weddings, Coralville

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Accent Photographics specializes in on-location baby, children and family photography, and special-event photography of weddings in eastern

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