Inspired by Sergio… and Facing the Facts

If you know me or have followed this blog the past few months, you will remember Sergio. He is the son of Melissa and Shawn, who passed away in early July after 2 years of battling and defeating cancer. It is difficult to begin to realize what he alone went through physically and emotionally. Sergio was 13 when he died.

In 2009 his cancer returned, and a bone marrow transplant was critical. What are the odds of finding a matching marrow? At one point, it sounded like trying to find a needle in a haystack that might as well have been on Mars. But miraculously, a donor was found – helping extend Sergio’s time here for several more months during which he could be part of his parents’ wedding.

But miraculously doesn’t always happen.

Days after Sergio passed away, I went online to the National Marrow Donor Program. They sent me some paperwork and a kit to collect cell samples from my mouth. That was July. Last week I got the notice I was confirmed healthy to be put on the registry – putting me on a list to see if I match with anyone ever in my life.

It’s easy to say I’d say yes if I was a match, right? I would hate to say ‘no’. But I also know things can change – my health mostly. But I also question if I would have a change of heart. Could I actually do it?

Technically donating bone marrow isn’t as drastic as giving up a kidney… but still. I stumbled upon this New York Times story last year – Read it… it’s sooo. very. insightful…

People like the idea of donating, the idea of helping someone out… the idea, the idea, the idea… But what happens when you’re actually called to serve? Could you say yes? I hope to God I can. Unfortunately, there’s many out there that don’t, can’t and/or are too afraid. To some degree I don’t blame them. But if you’re the one waiting…I can only imagine how much more precious your time left on Earth really is.



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