About Shuva

Photo by Samantha Bender

My “Pieces of Life”

I’m fortunate to have a life of adventure – first as a journalist and then as a volunteer in the Peace Corps, where I discovered my love for documenting my world.

Since then, my Pieces of Life have come together as a writer, sister, daughter, friend, traveler, lover, student, teacher and artist.

Documenting life as I see it is what I love… capturing the genuine, heartfelt moments… The accidental glances. The look of wonderment. The release of emotion. These imperfect moments are not the superficial traditional portrait, but what make up your unique Pieces of Life.

This blog is an extension of my business – Accent Photographics – and my lens. I hope you spend time with here, enjoy it, be inspired and share. This is what my piece of life here is about. Hang out and make it a piece of yours.

Love always,



One Response to About Shuva

  1. NSuwarno says:

    Hi Shuva,
    I can not help my self not to write this, as I tend to agree with you, that “you have the best job in the world”….
    I wish I could be a photographer like you.
    My main blog however is not really about photography, I only found photography as a hobby recently, but you can have a look at in on my other blog: http://seasonedtraveller.wordpress.com which is not as interesting as yours.


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