Revisiting Lynn ~ Iowa City Cover Girl

Earlier this year I shot a cover story for Triumph, a national magazine for regular donors of the American Cancer Society. The story was about childhood cancer, and my subject was Lynn, a young University of Iowa student.

Lynn was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a cancer that resulted in doctors removing her right eye when she was only 1.5 years old. Soon after she got a prosthetic eye – what she’s had all of her life. During our shoot this past winter, she had a patch over her right eye because she was due to get a new prosthetic (needed to better fit her face as she gets older) and had to have the tissue behind her old prosthetic heal (hence the bandage in the magazine photo).

She got her new prosthetic earlier this spring, and we finally met up to take some photos of her with “both” eyes.

It was great to see her again, and hard to tell the prosthetic from the real eye… but… Lynn was more excited about the piercing above her lip – a reward to herself for surviving her first full year of college!




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One Response to Revisiting Lynn ~ Iowa City Cover Girl

  1. Ghazala says:

    Beautiful, both of you!

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